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SORVALL TC-2 Tissue Sectioner

SORVALL TC-2 Tissue Sectioner
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The TC-2 offers these advantages in tissue cutting for histology, cytochemistry and related fields.

• Provides a method for rapidly cutting fixed tissues and many non-fixed tissues without freezing.

• Preserves enzyme activity and prevents enzyme diffusion associated with cryostat sectioning.

• Produces uniform section thickness to speed immuno- and histochemical studies.

• Provides maximum operator convenience to avoid laborious and messy hand operations.

The TC-2 has these features

• Section thickness: 20 microns to 230 microns. Can be changed white the TC-2 is operating,

• Specimen size up to 20 mm square and 3 mm thick; maximum stage traverse 25 mm.

• Sectioning speed range variable from 50 to 200 strokes per minute.

• Rapid mounting and demounting of specimen.

• Adjustable stroke length.

• Uses standard razor blades.

• Automatic drive with manual positioning facility.

Sectioning with the TC-2

• Prepare stage by cementing filter paper to top surface.

• Liquify agar by heating in boiling water.

• Attached specimen to stage by using agar. Allow to cool.

• Set thickness and speed.

• Begin sectioning.


TC-2 Tissue Sectioner For 115V, 60Hz (Catalog Number 37129)

Sectioning range continuously variable using Calibrated Dial from 5 μm to 230 μm, holds agar-embedded specimen up to 20 mm square by 3 mm thick; variable Motor Speed Control; 50-200 strokes per minute; Calibrated Stroke Force Adjustment Dial; 25 mm lateral mechanical stage movement, Automatic Safety Interlocks, Push-Button Start and Re-Set Controls. Accessory Box with Tools and Supplies, 3-wire cord.

8” W x 15” D x 8” H (20.2x38x20.2 cm), Net wt 35 lbs (15.9 kg), Shipping wt 45 lbs (20.4 kg)

Replacement Accessories

37150 Maintenance Package

(Includes 1 blade locking wrench, I blade inserter, I tube lubricant, 5 fuses 1 A, and I Phillips screwdriver)

37151 Accessory Package

(Includes 6 polyethylene discs 5.5 cm, 100 filter paper discs 5.5 cm, 1 tube cement, and 70 injector blades)


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